The De-humanisation of the “Role Model”

Thought provoking account of the dehumanisation of role models in the public eye


As young people nowadays, we are constantly being force fed with the opinions of others. One of the most forced of them all has to be the concept of having a role model, or a person within a society that one aspires to be like or to emulate in order to achieve recognition and success in their lives. Now it would be delusional for me to discredit the importance of such figures in day to day and if the individual behind the role decides to embrace the title, it can do a lot of good for  society, but, for me,  the importance of the individual behind the role has been diminished to an extent that we can only focus on looking up and aspiring to be in the person’s position, and not the actual person.

We either anoint these people into the position of role model, or they work themselves into a position of…

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